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The Current Between Us
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House of Simeon - D.J. Manly
Hot gladiators and slaves? Check! Ok, so this pretty much held my interest throughout. Some of the scenes are a little gorey, but not terribly cringe-worthy. I had no trouble feeling the desparation or hopelessness of the plights of these guys. Gold was making the best of his situation and tried his best to convey the way things were to the new slaves/gladiators. Can't imagine the feeling of knowing you are sending a bunch of people to slaugter, let along having to do the slaughtering yourself. But this was the way things were. They were property to be used as the masters saw fit, whether it was for sex (although I was a bit surprised the slaves were more often used as tops) or for sport/entertainment.

Anyhoo, there are some good characters here, and some not-so-good characters. It moved along at a good clip, and I was eager to read the next segment.