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Reaching the Edge - L.M. Somerton
Review written for The Blog of Sid Love - 3.5 stars

This is Book 1 of the Tales from the Edge series. The blurb was exciting, the cover enticing, and I’m sure this is the kind of story many will like. The series centers around the company, The Edge, Ltd., which provides corporate seminars, etc., as well as courses for men looking to hone their BDSM skills. The Edge is owned and run by long-time friends, Joe and Heath, also both doms. The small group is rounded out by their friend, Carey, owner of the BDSM club the Underground.

Seeing that they would be a perfect match, Carey introduces Joe to Olly, a sub who has been working for Carey to pay for his membership to the club. Carey sees that Olly is vulnerable and is wounded and trying to recover from some type of loss. They seem to things slowly after getting to know each other a bit, as Joe wants Olly to be sure of what he wants, and it has been some time since Joe has taken on a sub as well. However, it still had the feel of insta-love/lust.

Olly is super sweet with a tiny bit of a bratty side when he gets comfortable in his surroundings. He seems to be a boat floating at sea just looking for the right captain. Unfortunately, his last captain was horrible in more ways than one, but Joe does things right, not giving Olly too much before he feels he can handle things. Joe also happens to be a practicing clinical/criminal psychologist, who was asked to take on the file of a young man who suffered some kind of trauma. This seemed significant, but other than Joe realizing this young man and Olly were one and the same, it never really comes into play.

Personally, this story was a little too light and fluffy for my tastes, and I was a little disappointed I didn’t enjoy it more than I did. I do believe others, and have many friends whom I’d recommend this to. It has a really sweet, twinky sub and a solid, more mature dom. The BDSM is on the light side, so shouldn’t scare anyone away. While Joe and Olly were sweet together, I didn’t really connect with them as much as I had hoped. The writing was smooth, but there were just little things here and there that niggled. I kept expecting to learn more about the Edge, but we didn’t really find out what the deal was until near the end, and even then, I was a bit confused as to the overall services the company provides.

There are some other intriguing characters involved though. Carey and Allistair seem like an interesting couple I would have liked a bit more background on. And, of course, there is the hunky Heath who promises slightly edgier good things to come. So much so, that I already have his book lined up on my Kindle. I recommend this one to people looking for an easy going, sweet BDSM story about injured people getting a second chance at life and love.