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Touch Me Not - Genna Donaghy
Review written for Hearts on Fire Reviews - 3.5 stars

This was a very sweet story by a first-time author. I don’t recall ever reading anything quite like it. It is current time, but alternate universe where men and women are either dominant or submissive, each looking for their true mate. A lot of detail goes into the how’s and why’s of this set up. When true mates touch, the bond begins, and once this happens, there is pretty much no going back. There are relationships between non-mated couples, but if one of their actual mates comes along, they have no way to fight that bond, leaving the other person left out. If they have a child, that child becomes like a bastard child. If mated couples are split up, they eventually suffer from sickness.

Anyhoo, Jake is an unmated guy who grew up watching his father rather cruelly dominate his mother to the point where she perished. So, he is in no hurry to be mated to any dom, thinking he will lose all free will, in addition to the ranch he loves and runs almost single-handedly.

Unfortunately, there is a company in town that has been attempting to buy up the land for the mineral rights, pretty much forcing other ranch owners to give up their land. With Jake being a sub, he would be easily controlled if that company could find his mate and thereby have the land transferred.

Even more unfortunately, Jake helps a drunk guy to a hotel after a night in the bar, and quickly realizes Henry as his potential mate. So, he takes off running. Henry is also the son of the guy who runs the company taking over the land. So there are a few complications involved here.

Henry has not looked to hard for his mate, afraid he would end up with a super submissive easily controlled mate. When he realizes he has met his mate and then sees he is not so easily pushed around, he makes it a point to win Jake over without using his dom powers of coercion. This takes time, and some distractions get in their way, but they get everything together when it counts.

These guys made a really sweet couple, but not in the sugary sweet over the top way. I liked that Jake wasn’t a pushover, and that Henry didn’t want him to be. They take things slowly, not even having actual sex until the epilogue. You don’t miss it though, as there is enough going on here to keep you occupied without it. Despite the dom/sub theme, the BDSM aspect of this is extremely light. This was a quick, easy and smooth reading story nicely done for a first timer who I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing more from in the future.