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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Royal Pains - Dakota Rebel
3.5 stars

Jamie and Ethan have moved to Chicago together so that Ethan could take over as King of the City following the events in book 1. He is finding this isn't an easy task, as his counsel and previous Queen seem to all be up to things behind his back, and he hasn't been able to win the people over as well.

Ethan gave up his home, family and friends to go with Jamie, and while they are together, they still haven't rebonded yet. Fighting and sex, sex and fighting are still the keys of their relationship. Ethan is struggling with being in a new place, essentially on his own as Jamie is off doing his kingly duties. He is lonely and bored and misses Jamie's full attention. He is a bit whiney at times where this is concerned.

Ethan is called back to Royal Oaks for a few months to step in for his parents when they must leave town for a spell. At about halfway through this story, the plot starts to thicken around the goings on in Chicago. The family and friends come together to help, and everything falls into place.

This is a really easy going, funny at times, story with quite a bit of sex and agression and fighting and make up sex. The guys do what they do best throughout most of the story. They fight, get worked up, have crazy hot sex, have a short cooling off period, then start the cycle all over again. It's different, but it works for them.