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Taken - J.C. Owens
3.5 stars

Not sure what I was thinking, but this story went in a bunch of different directions than what I expected. Poor Landon was abused, though thankfully not used, by his evil brothers for years. When their latest mission goes belly up, Landon is captured by their intended target. Just when you think things are going to get down and dirty, slave/torture/abuse style, things take a different turn. Landon offers himself to Kirith completely for three months if he will set him free and clear after that point.

Kirith is part of a mob family run by his brother, Enzo. Enzo has a strong dislike for Landon and cannot get over him trying to hurt his family. Saving Landon though, is the way he handled the attack when he ran into Kirith's daughter, Laura.

Anyway, things roll along for them during the three months, and while feelings grow, Kirith sends Landon away after the time is up. Kirith is unable to leave his island and believes the isolation would be too much for Landon. So, he teaches him skills and sets him up with a company so he can start another life.

Then, things take another unexpected turn where it actually does turn into slave/torture/abuse, though the details are pretty vague. You get the idea though, and things get pretty bad before rescue happens.

I liked the story, but there were times I felt it dragged on a bit, mostly due to the style of telling, instead of showing. That is hard to explain, but while things were happening, the story just didn't seem to be moving forward. I also didn't love how quickly certain things were resolved. Enzo taking care of Marcello, as well as the victim's recovery were a few. The recovery seemed to take a bit of time, but then the final wake up "I just had a horrible nightmare" turn around just seemed rather abrupt.

I enjoyed many of the characters here though, and while I'm not a huge fan of kids in my stories, Laura was a sweetheart. Would have liked to have had a bit more closure on the evil brothers' demise as well.