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Before I Wake (Torqued Tales) - Eli Easton
Review written for The Blog of Sid Love

I thought this was a very sweet story. Nurse’s Aide, Jonesy tells us the story of how he came to know one of the hospital patients, Michael, who had been badly beaten and put into a coma. Jonesy is a simple guy who enjoys taking care of people. When he sees Michael, he immediately feels a need to stand up for the man who cannot stand up for himself.

Michael has horrible parents who, after kicking him out for being gay, come to his bedside not to offer care and support, but to pray for his sins and basically tell him how horrible a person he is. After refusing to help with his insurance or medical bills, they then decide to pull the plug.

Thankfully, Jonesy has been caring for Michael, staying by his side when he can, offering kind words and touches, all in an attempt to bring Michael back. Every time conditions surrounding Michael worsen, Jonesy does what he can to make things better for him.

I loved the way this story was told. It was a nice change and quite enjoyable. I loved Jonesy’s voice and storytelling. Every now and then, we get some of Michael’s thoughts and how he sees things from the dark side where he seems caught. I wasn’t quite ready for this story to end where it did, but it definitely warmed my heart and had me smiling for both of them.