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Strength of the Wolf (The Tameness of the Wolf, #2) - Kendall McKenna
Review written for Hearts on Fire Reviews

Book 2 in The Tameness of the Wolf series. This segment builds a bit on what we learned about the shifter dynamics from book one with Noah as the True Alpha with Lucas as his Dominant. Whereas in The Strength of the Pack we learned about Noah finding his Dominant and coming into full power, here we meet Jeremy, an up and coming True Alpha and his mate, Major Tim, who we met in Strength of the Pack.

I loved that Noah and Lucas are strong presences here, but this story really shows how one becomes a True Alpha following Jeremy through his transition from a meek, mid-level wolf, cast out by his previous pack when his True Alpha potential was recognized by the current pack leader. I really enjoyed watching the transition and seeing how Jeremy came to be such a strong, knowledgeable and respected True Alpha. When Tim meets Jeremy, they hit it off, without realizing what they could mean for each other. Luckily, Tim is more aware than most humans about the ins and outs of the wolves, so it doesn’t take long (even though he denies it for some time) before he accepts his position as Jeremy’s mate.

This story takes its time. Tim, Noah and Lucas, as well as a few others, are leading a team to revamp the shifter policy and procedures for the military. At the same time, Noah is called upon as True Alpha to see to complaints and administer punishments. This takes them back to the sandbox here and there. With Jeremy being a civilian, he remains behind. Their bond continues to grow, however, just as Jeremy continues to go through his transition gaining strength and powers.

I really liked these guys together. Tim is a really strong character and doesn’t lose any of that even when Jeremy becomes more powerful and dominant. There is a lot of hot sex in this story, but there is also a lot of story to go with it. We meet some new wolves, as Jeremy gains support to take over his own pack. I loved how Tim explained some of the military jargon to Jeremy as they each learned how best to be a mate to the other.

The story is well written, with hot military dudes and sexy werewolves working side by side. I love the way things work in this world where there are different lines between the wolf packs and the military ranks, and it’s a refreshing change to see things done so differently. I’m a huge fan of this author and am happy to have another great series to keep up with. There seems to be a few things brewing here, and I’m really looking forward to the next installment.