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Bite Me Tender - Kate Lowell
Review written for Hearts on Fire Reviews

This is a great start to what looks to be an interesting series. When we meet Levi and Glyn, they are an exclusive couple. Glyn is a witch with power is he isn’t fully able to control. To give Glyn an edge over his control, among other things, Levi has been trying for the better part of a year to turn Glyn into a werewolf, though they have been unsuccessful.

Levi, who should be a total alpha, somewhat shuns that responsibility due to his past uncontrollable nature of his werewolf side. He belongs to a pack of wolves who have created and tried to live as a democratic society. Unfortunately, there is another, stronger pack of wolves looking to take over. The only way for them to become stronger and have a chance of winning is to create more wolves. The pack believes Levi needs to step up and make more, and they feel he is the best option out of them all due to his being one of the strongest of the few unmarried males in the pack. This puts a lot of strain on Levi and his relationship with Glyn. He doesn’t want to be with someone else in order to turn them, and Glyn doesn’t want it either. I felt bad for Glyn and could understand his feelings so easily, yet it was hard not to feel for Levi as well. He was torn between not wanting to lose Glyn and needing to do what was best for the pack.

I often felt like I missed a lot of background to this story, but you are given enough information to figure things out along the way and that made sense in the end. The writing was smooth, and this was an easy read, even with the missing information. This was sexy and funny, but with action and mystery to make it a nicely rounded out story. I had so many questions about these guys and the things that happened leading up to this point. Questions about the magic and how they ended up together, etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this story.