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Hooked - Indra Vaughn
I enjoyed this short little hot story, but there were times when I felt I missed reading a few crucial paragraphs.

First, the guys were about to get down and dirty, then it happened, but not on the page. I was left with feeling of loss. Where was the actual scene that went with that part? Not sure, but after the steamy build up, I was ready for it.

The other crucial part I missed was closer to the end and had to do with Tyler. I felt we never really got his whole story. He's a lawyer by day, prostitute by night. He clearly has some family issues and other reasons for his nighttime employment, but I never really understood them, just that they were there.

Aside from these, it was a hot little story. Robin mistakenly brings Tyler home not realizing he is a prostitute. He goes through with it anyway, and Tyler gets under Robin's skin. They play cat and mouse for a bit, one walking away, then the other, one pushing, then the other. When Tyler needs help, he calls Robin, though we never really understand why, when he almost immediately (not long after that phone call ends) pushes him away.

When they are together, it is easy to see the attraction. Had the holes been filled in, this would have been a much more well rounded story.