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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Meet Me in the Middle - L.A. Witt
I really like this series. I especially like seeing all the other guys again. Some time has passed in this one. Kieran and Alex are planning a wedding, Rhett and Ethan's daughter is all grown up, and the guys (cough*Ethan*cough) are really feeling their ages.

I really don't remember Dale all that much from the previous stories, but I definitely liked his character. He was pining for his best friend for 20 years, ever since their first hookup in high school. Reuniting for another hookup at their 10 year reunion and then meeting again at the 20th, seems things are still the same between them.

While they definitely hook up and have hot sex, it takes them until almost the end to be on the same page. I was getting a bit frustrated with Dale for not sticking up for his own feelings, etc. and just when he is finally ready to lay it all on the line, Adam steps up to the plate.

I guess it is a little understandable Adam is go gun shy since he has had so many failed relationships in the past, but I was glad to watch him realize what was important.

Another solid installment to this series. Now, wonder who is next.