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Review written for Hearts on Fire Reviews - 3.5 stars

In this installment, Alexis is back in Canada trying to work when Brisbois shows up. Alexis gives in and calls Allen, the only other person who really knows or believes about Brisbois. Allen then travels to Canada to help with the Brisbois issue and to see if there is still anything going on between him and Alexis.

Their reunion seems to be a good one, where they figure out they want to be together. However, this doesn’t last long when Brisbois kidnaps Allen. Alexis then enlists the help of a woman who once wrote a research paper on the possibility of vampires. Turns out, she actually knew Brisbois/Bruce, etc. They join forces in hopes of retrieving Allen before it is too late and he is forever turned into the very thing they are trying to kill.

Anyhoo, Alexis realizes he will do anything to get Allen back and does his best to do so. Things don’t turn out so well though and take some interesting turns along the way. While this story hasn’t been blowing me out of the water, I’ve quite enjoyed it and look forward to sticking with it to see what happens next.