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Hell and Beyond (Broken, #2) - Kol Anderson
Wow. Edge of my seat on this one. Could poor Aaron handle much more? It seems he can. I felt like I wanted to be right there holding his hand, encouraging him to hang on the entire time. He is so screwed, mentally, physically and every other way possible.

Vincent is one effed up character. He is the captor/director of all things good and evil to Aaron. Yet, he has screwed up feeling of his own where Aaron are concerned. Unfortunately, he is sort of stuck in that it's either him or Aaron, so of course, he chooses Aaron.

And then there is Carl, supposedly worse than Vincent, if that can be believed. He is the one putting the pressure on Vincent after all. But then, wait, what? whoa! What kind of ending is that? Grrrr. Must read the next installment asap!

I will be honest, as I always try to be, and say that I could really care less about what Sebastian and Eric were going through or dealing with.