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Beyond Honor - Tyler Robbins,  Robin Badillo I enjoyed this story for the most part. Some of it seemed a little choppy, as though there were details missing.

The characters...where to start. Jared is highly irritating. He is hot/cold, super sweet, then a total dick. I had no trouble understanding his issues, but his actions were almost unforgiving at times. Michael was a total sweetheart. He was extremely confident and sure of himself, for having so little experience. I really liked that he didn't let Jared walk all over him. The sex scenes were really hot. When these two were on the same page, they were awesome together. The rest of the time, not so much.

Joel and Alana - what wonderful friends. I loved the banter between Michael and them and that they were so intent on helping Michael find happiness.

Raul - Total jackass. He was just awful. No redeeming qualities pretty much from the get go.

So, the story was ok, but just felt a bit unpolished.