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The Broken Triangle - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

This is book 2 of the Square Peg series. Vin is the main character here. We know from The Square Peg that Vin is a pretty unique guy. He rocks the goth look, complete with piercings and tats, but doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, and has remained almost a complete virgin over the five years since high school saving himself for the crush he had at that time on classmate Reilly. He believes he truly loves Reilly and really hasn’t had any interest in looking for anything else.

Out of the blue, Riley shows up at the bar one afternoon seemingly searching for Vin, though Vin ends up having to chase after him. Now, keep in mind that Vin has believed he was in love with Riley for the past five years, so his vision is a shade cloudy where Riley is concerned. Riley seems nice enough though, and they decide to see each other. Pretty much right off the bat though, we see the major discrepancy here. Riley is all about sex to get off, the faster the better, because getting off is the whole point. Why do in an hour what you can do in five minutes? On the flip side, Vin is all about the ride, not caring so much about the destination. Being a virgin, Riley is unable to really give Vin the wonderful sexual experiences he should have had.

Then there is Patrick. Poor, sweet, down on his luck, slutty little misunderstood, twinky, Patrick. I loved him and saw right through his slutty antics from the beginning, even though each one was a bit of a disappointment. He is Vin’s bestie. After seeing the caring relationship of Ben and Shane, and even what appears to be the same with Vin and Riley, Patrick realizes that is what he truly longs and has been searching for, though never finding it with his casual hookups. He also realizes he wants that with Vin and decides it is time he turned his life around for the better.

I had a bit of trouble with this book in that I never liked Riley from the start and liked him even less with Vin. The majority of this story is about Vin and Riley, and it pained me to watch them trying to make a go of it when they so obviously weren’t right for each other. Add to that the fact that Patrick was there, perfect for Vin and trying so hard to be the good friend and just wanting Vin to be happy, even if that meant him staying with Reilly.

So, the first 75% of this book felt like a 3 star for me. But then, magic happens and Vin and Patrick finally figure things out. The last 25% of this story was totally 5 stars for me, bringing the overall average to a 4.

I absolutely loved Vin and Patrick together. I loved how Vin held his ground sexually to not settle for exactly what he wanted, even while hoping Patrick would be able to give him that. And Patrick, while used to being somewhat used and abused, did everything in his power to give Vin exactly what he asked for. Vin draws things out torturously slow, to the point that I felt I was being more impatient than Patrick. What a nice change of pace these scenes were. I only wish there had been more.