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A Marrying Man - Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

This book is the follow-up to A Betting Man. This story features Kent’s best friend, Blaine (other half of the bet maker from that book), and Spencer, Terry’s boss (and victim of the bet from that book).

Blaine and Spencer are asked by Kent to plan his and Terry’s wedding (though he has yet to even ask Terry). Oh, and they have about a month to plan said wedding.

Now, for me to explain my issues here, I first have to explain how things were. In A Betting Man, Blaine was a total prick. He was snobbish, cocky and stuck up and generally not a very nice guy. When that story ended, I longed for him and Spencer to get together in such a way that Spencer really put Blaine in his place. Spencer was a cool guy, somewhat big and tough, and all around good friend and boss to Terry. This had the potential of some very smexy scenes.

Fast forward a year to this book. Immediately, I had the feeling that this wasn’t the same Blaine that I had known, but unfortunately, it was more than him just realizing what a dick he was and making some changes to his life and attitude. That I could have lived with, but, in this, he was a rather meek, almost twinkish guy, almost the total opposite from what he was. Unfortunately, this caused a bit of disappointment that really hindered my enjoyment of this story.

Then, with a year passing, it really felt like I had missed out on big important chunks of this story that we assume happened in the last year. One other important chunk I must have missed was that I thought Spencer and Blaine had met through Terry and Kent in the previous book. However, now, we find out that they had met previously, way back when Kent was a Wall Street star and Blaine ran into him while tagging along with his father one day. Add to this that he apparently had a huge crush on Spencer ever since, which I also didn’t recall from the previous book.

While I had no problems with the writing itself, there were just too many things that didn’t jive for me to really enjoy it. I believe I may be in the minority on this though, so will chalk it up to it being my own issues. I really enjoy and recommend this author’s Assassin Shifter series, but this one just fell a little short for me. Had I read this book as a stand alone, I have no doubt I would have rated it higher.