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The Current Between Us
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A Secret Love - Douglas  Black
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

I really enjoyed this super sweet story. It is just long enough that you aren’t tortured for very long before you figure out what is going on.

Mark and James have been meeting secretly for over a decade. It is easy to feel how much they love and care for each other right from the get go. You also get a sense of how much they long to be together and that it won’t be long before that will happen, their plans coming together for them to fully enjoy their relationship. They have plans to build a house and bar in the tropics, and those plans are soon coming to fruition.

To say anything more about what has been holding them back and standing in their way, would simply give away too much. I was slightly taken aback by Mark’s behavior with the old couple, but everything else was wonderful. The story is sweet, and the sex is hot. I would not hesitate to read another story showing how these guys made out with their new venture.