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Forest of Glass - John Tristan This book has a lot of potential throughout the story. However, I found I was a little disappointed more than once when it just didn't seem to take things far enough. More than once, it pulled me into the scene and the world of the Fair, with plenty of details up to the actual scene. But, once the scene began, the details were kind of stingy, then the scene was over, and the story moved on.

For example, this is labeled as BDSM. There are descriptions of the "pleasure room," and Leith is taken there once or twice, but I have little recollection of the actual scene(s). I recall Leith being tied and lightly flogged, but it was certainly not an integral part of this story. So, if BDSM isn't your thing, don't let that scare you off this one.

We get to the end of this story, when all is coming to a head and lives are on the line. A few small things happen, then the scene is over, and we are in the epilogue. I felt as if I had skipped an entire page or two. These issues were the major drawback for me on this one. While I enjoyed the world we were shown, there were just too many questions that didn't seem to have explanations, and I really would have liked more background on Ash's character. So, all in all, this was a solid 3.5 stars for me.