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Into the Lyons Den (Assassin/Shifter #16) - Sandrine Gasq-Dion The long awaited (ok maybe not that long), much anticipated Andrei/Devin story. I really enjoyed it. Sandrine sure knows how to write and weave characters into a story. And this series definitely sets the record for me. Even though I wasn't able to remember who was who at all times, the storyline was always clear. Often times, I found myself remembering certain characters in the next paragraph or so.

Devin continues to be the same crazy bastard as he was in the previous books. There even may have been a time or two that I wanted to kick his ass myself. But, aside from his hate/love/hate relationship with Andrei, there is a lot more going on in this segment for him. The mystery and events surrounding his memory loss and who he is, why he felt the way he did about Andrei, and more, are all explained and helped me have a better understanding of Devin. Though I don't recall if we ever found out what Devin's physical issue was. Hmmmm.

Andrei was a bit of a question for me. I kept picturing him as this mature head of the mob guy, but he came across as a bit immature through most of this story. I do love his character though, and it did get better by the end.

I love these two together. They do make a great fit and I really like how they don't take any crap from each other. Now it's time to hurry up and wait for Nik and Colin, my second-most anticipated book of this series.