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Special Needs - K.A. Merikan
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

Liam is trying to make a fresh start. Really he is. Having had a string of bad relationships with previous bosses, he has decided to keep his job as caretaker to wheelchair-bound Ryan as strictly business. The best way to do that is to pretend he is straight. Things go well, and the guys have a great relationship with lots of funny banter.

As Liam takes care of Ryan’s daily needs (mostly carrying him up and down stairs and cooking), Ryan develops quite the crush on Liam, though Liam holds strong to his straight story. He certainly doesn’t make it easy on Ryan by being quite the tease here and there. Meanwhile, Ryan is one lonely pup. He has trouble meeting guys and is very insecure about his handicap. In addition to running his sex-themed hotel, he also runs a website where he shows his “fans” how he handles daily obstacles. Ryan ends up dating one of his internet acquaintances, and while Liam initially pushes Ryan to do so, his tune quickly changes once meeting him.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Liam and Ryan finally got together. I did feel bad for Ryan that every time Liam attempted to play out one of Ryan’s fantasies, things just never ended well.

So, there were a few things I enjoyed about this story, such as the funny banter mentioned above, and watching Liam and Ryan really coming to care for each other. But, there were quite a few niggling things that really distracted me. It felt as though there were too many random events occurring that didn’t end up coming together. I now realize this is part one of this story, so maybe that will change. There were many times that I felt things were dragging out, mostly between Liam and Ryan, which really slowed this story down for me.

As I said, there are a lot of random things going on in this story. I didn’t have any real issues with Liam’s deception, because he really was trying to be somewhat professional the best way he knew how. Ryan has a stalker, his pseudo-porny website, the hotel, the annoying neighbor, and then missing girls, etc. I had my suspicions right from the start about Ryan, and the way this ended, I was left feeling a little creeped out about him and his prior actions. It just didn’t leave me with a very good feeling. This being only part one, I am hoping that will change fairly quickly in the next installment. I wish I could have rated this one higher, but I just had such mixed feelings at the end preventing me from doing so.