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Gavin's Submissives (Creek Valley, #1) - Sam Crescent
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews.

This is book 1 of the Creek Valley series. Creek Valley is apparently a wonderful little town where ménage relationships are treated the same as any other relationship. Gavin and Landon have been in a relationship for a few years wherein Gavin provides the much needed structure and support Landon needs through d/s. Without such structure, Landon would be unable to cope with life or the running of his inherited ranch. Then, there is Heidi, whom Landon has been friends with for 10 years. Even though she moved away from Creek Valley when she married her now ex, Landon has remained in touch.

Heidi’s ex was mostly mentally abusive, constantly putting Heidi down and belittling her for her weight. So, after finally leaving the jerk after he moves another woman in to take her place, Heidi moves back to Creek Valley.

Here is where things pretty much went the wrong way down a one-way road for me. The guys decide they will make Heidi their woman. Landon has always loved her, and Gavin feels as though he knows her from Landon’s descriptions. They convince her, and they have a fairly steamy sexual encounter. Fast forward to the next day. Landon tells Gavin that he would choose Heidi if he had to because he simply cannot do without her in his life. Gavin is pissed and heartbroken, packs his bags and leaves. Heidi actually steps up and is pissed at Landon as well, saying she won’t be in a relationship with only one of them, so she packs her bags and leaves.

Landon realizes how stupid he was when he wakes up along the next morning and goes to make things right. He convinces them to give him another chance, and they agree to live together as friends only. This goes on for a few weeks before Gavin and Heidi give in and resume their former “relationship.” Thankfully, Landon understands that he simply needs Gavin as much as Heidi, as she can’t give him what Gavin can, and vice versa.

A few things that really bugged me about this story include, but are not limited to, Gavin being the most superficial Dom I’ve ever read about. When he is actually in Dom mode, he isn’t all that bad, but he really doesn’t have that much control over things, other than issuing some orders and doling out punishments.

Then, there is Heidi. This story goes over the top to show what an a-hole the ex-husband is which gets a bit repetitive. She was actually a stronger character than I was expecting in that she stood up to Landon when he acted like an ass. However, she was then too afraid to ask them why they were all of a sudden using condoms? Which leads to the condom issue. I don’t mind really either way whether they use condoms in a story. It’s a story. But be consistent. First they aren’t using them, then they are, then they aren’t because apparently Gavin wants to have a baby (with no discussion between the other parties), but then they are using them again. This just didn’t make sense to me. Oh yes, and then, of course, they are having a baby.

I choose to read m/m/f stories because I enjoy the m/m aspect of it, and maybe, a little bit of me wouldn’t mind being the third in that scenario. Hot stuff. However, here, the guys only have sex by themselves. When all three are together, they are only concentrating on Heidi. And some of the female descriptions were simply too much. For example, at one point, “Her clit winked at him.”

I cannot imagine where this series is headed at this point. If you are just starting out venturing into the m/m/f ménages, you might truly enjoy this one. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me, and I felt this one was just trying too hard to be too many things.