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Illusions - Chuck Willman
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews.

I finished this story not real sure about how I felt about it. Chris and Rick are in a pretty comfortable relationship. Chris has gotten to know Rick’s younger brother, Mitch, over the years via telephone calls, etc. When he eventually comes for a visit, Chris is a bit amazed at how much Mitch has grown up and how attractive he now is. As Rick is unable to get out of work commitments for the entirety of Mitch’s visit, it is up to Chris to keep Mitch company. On one such night, after Rick retires to bed early, Chris stays up (as he usually does) but invites Mitch to share a nightcap with him.

Now, Mitch has a girlfriend, whom he talks about quite a bit and how they are planning on moving, possibly to where Chris and Rick live. Mitch, however, is throwing off some serious mixed signals. The result of which is things getting steamy between Chris and Mitch. When Chris wakes up the next morning, he thinks it may have been an alcohol-induced dream, as he has no clear memory of the events or how he even got to bed. Mitch doesn’t act any differently in the morning, so that doesn’t help Chris remember either.

I think my biggest issue with this was the lack of time in getting to know the characters. We hardly get a glimpse of Rick, and we really don’t get to see much beyond the surface of Chris or Rick. It just left too many unanswered questions and was over too quickly. Was it a dream? Did he or did he not cheat on Rick? We are as in the dark as Chris when all is said and done. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this story to get those answers and see where things are headed with these guys.