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The Current Between Us
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The Charming - J.A. Jaken Here is yet another story that left me with mixed feelings. I just wasn't sure how I felt about it when it was done. Clayton is such a weak character, I had difficulty feeling for him. He is depressed after the loss of his love, though we don't really know too much about that. He can barely hold a job and skips out on seeing his son (the ex-wife is with another guy but we never learned how or why Clay and the ex split in the first place).

He meets Malachi, who lures him in and seems to wash away all of Clay's troubles. Clay finds himself falling under Mal's spell and continually skips out of work and on his fatherly duties. Mal becomes increasingly possessive and jealous.

At one point, Clay begins to see flashes of light where he believes he is seeing his lost love but never makes contact.

Eventually he realizes what he has been doing and begins to see that things aren't all they appear where Mal is concerned. Mal turns creepy pretty quickly once this happens.

When Clay tries to cut ties, Mal tricks him into submitting, which, as it turns out, is breaking the rules, thus allowing Clay's lost love to aid him in his escape.

There were some steamy d/s scenes with Mal and Clay, especially in the beginning. In the end, Clay has realized what is important in his live and takes the second chance he has been given.