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Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3 stars

This story had a lot of potential. It is about Jay, the British beer company promotions manager and Damon, an American Marine. Much of the beginning of this is about Jay and what he does with his promotional activities and how he ends up going to Bahrain and then meeting Damon.

It quickly introduces my favorite character in this book, Jay’s assistant, Jackie. I loved their friendship and interactions, and I laughed out loud more than once, especially when she called during one of Jay’s jack-off sessions and turned the tables on him right quick.. Unfortunately she is also the head of the beer girl bimbo team who travel with them to hand out free beer.

Then there is Damon. Not really sure what to say about him. First meeting he seems super hot and sweet, etc. But then it all goes down hill, and every redeeming quality just flies right out the proverbial window. Damon, it seems, was extremely in the closet from the Marines, as well as his family, and even to himself to a degree. Thus, he fights any feelings he has towards Jay, beyond the physical sensations of having sex with someone other than himself.

Jay, knowing it is wrong, continues to allow it to happen and even struggles with the fact that he enjoys the treatment to an extent. It isn’t until the latter part of this story that they get their acts together somewhat and have more than one-sided interactions. I honestly think I found myself more interested in Jackie and Peter’s relationship than Jay and Damon’s, which almost never happens.

So, while I did enjoy many parts of this story, there were just as many that I did not. One thing that did surprise me was the emphasis put on Jackie’s procurement of condoms for her date with Peter. Yet, not once, throughout all of the quasi-rape/quick fucks between Jay and Damon, was there ever any mention of condoms or lube or concern over the lack thereof.

This relationship seems doomed from the get go, what with Damon being shipped into Afghanistan, etc. and Jay heading home. Years later, with a little help from Jackie, again, they are reunited, say approximately two words, and the story ends. Have to say I was a little disappointed with that. These guys finally have everything on the table, make it through the war zones, only to have it end like that? It felt like the epilogue needed an epilogue. So, average 3 star rating for me on this one. I liked it, and I didn’t like it, then I liked it again, then I didn’t.