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Club Arrest - D.J. Manly
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3.5 stars

I was a little confused by the start of this book. It took me a bit to catch up and get used to the writing style. It is being told from Richard’s point of view. He is a vampire working as a member of the Immortal Police Squad (IPS) who also happens to run the night club, Club Arrest. Both of these activities keep him satisfied with life as an immortal. His partner in both is Caleb, a werewolf, his partner at IPS who sidelines dancing at the Club.

The focus of this story is on Richard and Caleb solving the mystery of their previous IPS handler’s death, which they believe was not of natural causes. There are mobsters and corrupt police, etc. behind the murder causing problems for Richard and Caleb when they get in the way. It quickly turns into them needing to clear their own names and fighting for their lives.

Richard and Caleb are partners, friends and often lovers, though no official relationship exists. They each partake of other lovers, sometimes together, but most times on their own. While there are only a few scenes showing these endeavors, it is implied this is a typical thing for them.

Their current handler, Christopher, with whom Richard had a previous encounter, plays a role as well. It is his encounters with Richard that bring Caleb to the realization that he actually loves Richard, though those feelings appear unrequited at the time.

I loved the idea of this and had a sense it could be the start to a fun and interesting series. Richard and Caleb make a great team, both working and between the sheets. There were a few things that bothered me about this story though. One, things were wrapped up way too quickly and felt rushed. Once we find out who is behind it all, it was a mad dash for the finish, leaving out details that left little holes in the story for me. Two, things just appeared too easy and came across as not important, such as Caleb’s recovery and subsequent transformation. Third, there is a steamy ménage at the end with Christopher joining Richard and Caleb, but he is apparently more of a work partner/friend with benefits for Richard and Caleb than an actual member of their relationship. He seems to be a part of their lives now that circumstances have changed, so I guess I was hoping for a bit more for him. Perhaps a sequel with another IPS adventure will show how these guys are getting along.