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Trust - Cassandra Gold
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 4 stars

I really enjoyed this story. It’s about Zach, a detective who tends to neglect his boyfriend, Lane, when he is engrossed in his work. After solving his latest case, he returns to Lane after two weeks without any contact whatsoever. Lane is a total sweetheart looking for someone to settle down with, but unfortunately, Zach doesn’t seem to be the one to do that with, so Lane, deciding he wants more from their relationship, breaks things off.

Following the breakup, Zach comes to a few realizations about himself; namely that Lane was correct about Zach holding himself back. Zach’s trust issues go back to his childhood, which was emotionless and not very loving. He wasn’t allowed to show emotions of any kind, and that has followed him into adulthood. We get a few examples that show somewhat the extent of how things were, though I wouldn’t have minded a few more.

Zach decides to change his life and try and get Lane back. When he is given an invitation to a BDSM club, he believes the best way to show Lane he trusts him and is capable of giving up control is to invite him to the club and show him. Neither have been into any kind of kink up to this point, and if you’re looking for some real BDSM action, this will surely disappoint. They do engage in some light bondage, etc. but mostly Lane is just given control to top.

Knowing the reasons behind Zach’s behavior make it easy to forgive and understand his actions. I really did like these guys together, especially once Lane decides to give Zach another chance. I wish this were a bit more involved or had more to the story, as the epilogue felt a little rushed. While there was nothing super earth-shattering about this story, it was quite enjoyable, and I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys again.