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Shattered Heart - Nikki McCoy I love when a book sucks me in and has me reading it in nearly one sitting regardless of its length.

Poor Corin has had it rough since the womb when his mother tried to purposely miscarry him. Rather than sell him into slavery, the stepfather decides he that, while not officially a slave as many others in this world, they can use him as one to help them run their motel. Corin does so to protect his two sisters from harm. He is made to do all sort of chores and endure punishments and beatings, not to mention having to service men (most of which are quite brutal) to make up for the money the evil stepfather squanders.

This all changes when he is given to Markus, the leader of the territory, in exchange for clearing the stepfather's debt. Markus is a strong character, and while a very strict and tough master, he is also quite fair and approaches things quite differently than most. Rather than use ruthless beatings, he forces Corin to endure such things as climax deprivation. On the flip side, he is the first one to actually pleasure Corin or show him that sex doesn't always have to be riddled with pain.

This is not the end of horrible treatment for Corin unfortunately. Markus is attempting to negotiate with other leaders to join forces, which doesn't always go very well. Word gets out that Markus highly covets Corin, and he is thus used as a pawn in very painful ways for Corin.

Markus and Corin are wonderful together. Corin remains strong even when beaten down. He never gives up his promise to try and help/save his sisters, and Markus comes through with flying colors making that happen. Also part of their odd little family is Heather, another of Markus' slaves who is chosen to take care of the sisters.

This story reads very fast. It is very well written and flows smoothly. It pulls you into its world, and at the end, you don't want to leave because things are just seeming to get better for the people who live there. I really liked these characters, how their relationship adjusted with the circumstances, and how they each remained steady and essentially the same person even when the changes/adjustments were made.

I wouldn't mind seeing another story with these characters, but will definitely be looking into other work by this author.