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Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3 stars

This was an enjoyable story about a guy who is making due with a data entry job when he is unable to find employment in his chosen IT profession. In his spare time, he has continued on his own to develop a software program that could benefit the company he works at. Unfortunately, his cranky boss turns down his idea without even hearing all the details. Thankfully, his conversation is overheard by a visiting stranger who turns out to be Warren, heir and up and coming CEO of the company.

Warren is in the process of taking over the family company but still has yet to prove himself capable to the Board of Directors/Trustees. With sales and profits falling in the third quarter, Warren sees Jon’s program/plan as the perfect solution, and things are set in motion. Jon and Warren discreetly move forward with a relationship blossoming from the sparks they felt when they first met.

These guys were sweet boyfriends biding their time when they didn’t have to hide. Sadly, the road gets a little bumpy for them, when jealousy, betrayal and criminal activity come into play. There is a mole/spy and sellouts to a rival company and lots of evidence to prove it.

Things were pretty predictable and easy to figure out, and I would have preferred a more drawn out last quarter of this story. Once everything came to light, things just happened too fast for my liking, from the dismissal of Jon and wrap-up of the mole/spy mystery, to the forgiveness and making up. But, if you’re looking for a fun, light story, give this one a try.

I should add that I was a bit disappointed this ended at 85% which is always a bit annoying.