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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Audible - Dawn Kimberly Johnson
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3.5 stars

This story takes its time giving you the story of Powell, a TV news cameraman, and Talbot, NFL quarterback. These two were long-time friends who were in a relationship but split up basically due to Talbot’s inability to live out of the closet. There was more going on with what led up to the breakup, but the details are eventually made known to all as the story is told.

After three years apart, they find themselves facing each other when Powell has to provide camera support for player interviews at one of Talbot’s games. Talbot struggles with his decision to remain closeted in his profession. Circumstances eventually happen that enable him to rethink his stance and realize what’s important.

There isn’t nearly as much interaction between the MCs as I would have liked, though I did enjoy the football aspects and interactions with some nice side characters. I enjoyed the writing style which was smooth and well done. Everything comes full circle here, but I feel this is definitely a story that could benefit by being expanded to show more relationship development.