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Midnight Muffins (Castor Springs, #2) - Erica Pike As to the LHNB story, I was disappointed that this didn’t appear to follow my prompt request at all.

As to the story of an existing series, my constant attempts to find my plot in this story really took away any enjoyment I may have felt. I didn’t connect with either of the characters, nor was I able to fathom why either wanted to be with the other. I found their lack of communication bothersome. These guys were in an existing relationship, had been living together for a month, yet were surprised when they realized they thought of each other as boyfriends. I just wasn’t connecting with them at all.

In fairness, I did not read the first story, due to the fact that I didn’t want any pre-conceived notions about my character. From what I understand, these guys did turnarounds from the way they were in book one. I have a feeling that the a lot of the issues I had with this story were attempts by the author to mold her story into my prompt. That said, I had no problems with the writing or style and will continue to enjoy her other stories. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work for me.