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Summoning Sin - Lilith Duvalier
Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3 stars

This one was a little different, even if it was a bit predictable. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it when most of the story is Elderoy conversing with himself about his spell to conjure the incubus demon. Not only does he not know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t follow the instructions correctly, causing all sorts of problems, or one problem in particular.

Elderoy is apparently trying to get over a bad breakup and tries to conjure up the incubus for obvious reasons. However, things go a little overboard when he doesn’t seal the demon. Now the demon has power over him, causing him to have multiple, almost debilitating, orgasms. He can think of little else when this flares up and the demon teasing him doesn’t help. Luckily, all was not as it seemed with the ex, and he comes to the rescue in time to counter the spell, ceasing the demon from successfully sucking the life from Elderoy basically out of his cock.

This was cute and even a bit funny. I admit, I kept waiting for the demon to solidify and rock Elderoy’s world in a mutually hot smexy way. Unfortunately, this never happened, but for a short story, this one moved along at a nice pace. A lot happens, yet things don’t ever really drag on for very long. I really only wished for more interaction, with someone other than Elderoy.