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The Escort: In The Public Eye - Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 2.5 stars

I love rent boy stories, I fully admit. However, this one had quite a few things going on that just didn’t make much sense.

It starts with Ryan, the rent boy/escort. Ryan initially entered the profession to pay bills, but finding he was good at and quite liked his job of providing discreet escort services, he continues with what seems to be a pretty steady business. He provides anything from companionship to attending functions, to more intimate services.

Then there is Brock, the up and coming, completely in the closet, politician. Here is where the story started to not make sense to me. Brock is running for city council, but opposing candidates have been playing some dirty tricks (including spiking drinks) to their running mates, so Brock hires Ryan to escort him to functions in an effort to keep an eye on his back (and drinks) and somehow nab the culprit. Now, knowing that people look for any dirt they can find on candidates, does it really sound like a good idea to hire basically a gay prostitute to stand by your side at public functions? This part just didn’t make sense.

Anyway, that aside, Brock then decides he can use Ryan’s other services since he is so discreet. It doesn’t take long before Brock wants more from Ryan, including having him move in with him, etc. Ryan is more concerned about whether Brock will want to further his political career causing Ryan to be his dirty secret than actually being with him. I never really felt that Ryan was on the same page as Brock, but instead, that he was just doing his job.

Brock claims he doesn’t want any more than the city council position, which will apparently allow them to be together. Somehow going higher up the political ladder will push Ryan back into the closet further. Again, doesn’t make much sense. Ryan does manage to push off the living together topic. Then, rather abruptly, the story just ends, completely out of the blue. I felt totally left hanging, and not in a leave you longing for more cliffhanger way. I am curious to read the next book, though I have no idea if it is a continuation of Ryan and Brock’s story or something completely different. The title suggests something different, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.