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Witness Protection - Derek Adams Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 2.5 stars

This story had some potential, even though the idea is nothing new. Tony, who had been in and out of trouble since a teenager, found himself doing a good deed when he turned himself in as a witness to a cop killing. He is put into protective custody and sent to a safe house.

Alec is the cop protecting him at the safe house. He is completely rude and unprofessional, seemingly homophobic, and just downright not nice. He barely speaks to Tony, and when he does, it is spiteful and unfriendly.

Tony has turned his life around and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I always felt like there was so much more to his character that we were just not getting to see. Needless to say, he is comfortable being gay and not too bothered by Alec’s treatment towards him.

One night, Alec unbelievably shows up in Tony’s room drunk demanding a blowjob, after which, he storms out. The weekend bodyguard shows up and life goes on. Then, Alec returns a completely different person. All of a sudden, he is ok with being gay and his feelings of wanting Tony. He apologizes for his previous behavior, and they become better acquainted. They basically spend the rest of their time together having sex (and falling in love), but things must end when Tony is finished testifying, as he will be relocated with a new identity, etc.

Everything was pretty predictable, and while there were good moments, this story mostly fell flat for me. I had a difficult time finding any of the characters very convincing, nor did I really feel much of a connection between them other than the physical. The abrupt change in Alec was very difficult to believe. I think I could have really liked Tony, but, again, there just seemed to be something missing.