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The Current Between Us
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English Chaps - Lori Toland Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 4 stars

This is book 1.2 of the Dangerous Affairs series. It is a continuation of Tony and Nate’s story from the Long Con (book 1). While it comes out after Dangerous Submission (book 2), it can be read directly after the Long Con.

This was a delicious little tidbit about Tony and Nate and how they are getting on now that they live together at Tony’s flat. They are in the process of looking for another home together. These guys have the same chemistry that I loved about them from their first book. Maybe even more so, since they are now actually in a somewhat settled relationship.

While out and about one day, they run into an old acquaintance of Nate’s, Patrick, also a sub who clearly had somewhat of a past with Nate. Tony feels threatened by Patrick and his familiarity and interest in Nate (which turns out to really be interest in Tony), but still accepts his invitation to an exclusive BDSM party at his home/castle. Nate and Tony share something special, as well as a wonderful steamy paddling scene at the party, and their love for each other shines clearer than ever. I really like these two together and would have loved a longer version of this story.

I thought it a bit odd that we never actually saw Patrick at the party, though we did see unruly sub, Judas, whom we met briefly at the BDSM party in Prague in book 2. As it seems he has yet to meet a Dom capable of handling or meeting his standards, I would love to see his story told in a future installment.

This is quite an enjoyable series with light BDSM themes/scenes, a bit of mystery and slight intrigue, and I look forward to seeing more in the future.