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The Long Con - Lori Toland 3.5 stars

This first quarter of this book was very confusing for me. I really had to concentrate on following who was who, who was conning who, and what the cons all even were. Everyone seemed to be conning someone else, and even the conmen were being conned. I decided to not worry about it and just wait for things to become clearer later on, which they pretty much did.

Everything centers around this Faberge Egg, which belonged to but was stolen from Nathaniel Bradley's aunt. Nathaniel is a UK citizen who normally works with a unit that takes down organized crime in the UK. He has become involved with the egg retrieval in the US by becoming one of the conmen involved in conning Anthony Terranova, son of a Mafia crime boss, who it seems is attempting to buy the stolen egg.

Nathaniel (conname Bradley) and Tony hit it off, and Bradley strays from the original con plan to serve his own agenda, which is the egg retrieval. These two are smoking hot together. I had a bit of a hard time picturing a hard ass Mafia guy as the super sexy sweet submissive Tony, but he ends up having a bit of a split personality where the tough guy is concerned. There isn't anything too hardcore here, but the d/s that quickly comes into play is hot stuff.

I was a bit disappointed in the instalove that happens over a matter of a few days and a lot of sex, especially knowing everyone is lying to everyone else. There are a few twists and turns, but nothing earthshattering or overly shocking. I did enjoy this in the end, but I believe most of that comes from the chemistry between Tony and Bradley than the confusing and somewhat unbelievable con plot. I'm glad I stuck with it though, and am looking forward to the next book.