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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
The Author’s Assistant - R.W. Clinger This review was written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 2.75 stars

This short story is about Shane, a young man who, for the first quarter of this book, does nothing but have sex with a different guy just about every night of the week. If you can get past that part, you should be good to go, because the story actually begins to take shape when Shane meets Dane (I never actually noticed the name similarity while reading this, oddly enough).

Dane is a bit of a recluse author who Shane meets when one of his “friends” gives him a card for A-LIST ASSISTANTS. Shane accepts the job of Dane’s assistant after their initial meeting. All goes well, even though Shane feels there is something creepy and not quite right with Dane.

Shane also agrees to become exclusive with his then roommate, Alex. Previously, they shared an odd sex/companionship relationship. At the same time, he agrees to actually date Dane. After a short time, Alex calls their exclusivity to a halt, after which, Shane eventually moves in with Dane.

Fast forward to the big secret that Shane uncovers while cleaning Dane’s apartment. Dane happens to walk in while Shane is in the middle of his horrific discovery. Things turn south, and Shane becomes a prisoner of Dane. Things get a little more bizarre and twisted at this point leading up to Shane’s release.

I thought the ending was a bit rushed and certainly not what I expected or hoped would happen. I enjoyed the twisted aspects involved but the ending could have been a bit more detailed or thought out on Shane’s part. I was not happy with either of them in the end. I recommend this for those who like the darker side of things and those themes contained in my warnings.

WARNINGS: This story contains: prisoner, dub/con, rape on various levels, Stockholm syndrome, and other practices some might find questionable and not enjoyable.