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If Love Were All - Victor J. Banis Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 2.75 stars

This story says it is 18 pages, but turns out to be not even 6, which was quite disappointing. It is about Charlie, a roamer who is given a ride and a place to stay by Tom, who lives in a little trailer. These guys are pretty simple-minded, in speech and mentality, but it kind of grew on me. Charlie ends up staying with Tom, cooking and cleaning.

Tom, who claims to not be gay but rather he got used to it in prison, being that’s just what guys do there. So, he is very closed off when they have sex, allowing only the most minimal of touching to get the job done.

As time goes on, you can see Tom beginning to have feelings for Charlie. I was really beginning to enjoy this story, but then, out of the blue, it abruptly ends, and I was turning pages looking for the rest of the story. This is not a HFN or HEA, as it totally just leaves you hanging with your mouth open wondering what just happened. I really wish this was a full-length story, as I could easily see myself becoming invested in these guys.