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Without Aiden - Dianne Hartsock Review written for ">Hearts On Fire Reviews - 3 stars

This story centers around Tristram (Tris), a 21-year old young man who is seemingly responsible for the deaths of his parents and his sister’s paralysis when he wrecked their vehicle drunk driving. After the accident, the townspeople have all but shunned him and now treat him horribly. He spends all of his money, and the money from his parents, to care for his ailing sister at home.

The accident also cost Tris the love of his life, Aiden, who, like the townspeople, abruptly turned on him. Tris tries to get back into Aiden’s good graces and to be forgiven. His main focus seems to be on their sexual relationship and how that was all he could think about whenever he saw him.

Unfortunately, Aiden is not a very nice guy in that he says one thing and then does another. Consistently. One minute he’s acting like he’s having a change of heart, but the next, he’s pushing Tris away. Poor Tris doesn’t know what to think and is all but giving up. I had a difficult time really feeling much of a connection between the two of them.

The one constant throughout this story that was very frustrating for me was the frequent trips down Memory Lane. I’m not a huge fan of flashbacks to begin with, but these just sort of happened left and right without anything to really set them apart from the actual story. I had to retrace my steps numerous times just to make sure I didn’t miss something when the story all of a sudden seemed to be in a different place.

There is some mystery surrounding the accident, which was pretty easy to figure out. Needless to say, once the truth comes out, everyone immediately does an about face, and Tris immediately forgives all. There were little tidbits of information given, but never enough to really sink your teeth into, and I really wish some things were a bit more detailed.