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Pretty Little Rentboys - Mike McAvoy 3.5 stars. This turned out quite a bit differently than I expected. Ian and Aiden are very close, best friends and twin brothers, who have gone to London on an adventure to make it big and become movie stars. Unfortunately, things don't go very easily for them.

The realities of Ian's job as a rentboy begins to chip away at the relationship between Ian and Aiden. As much sexual experience as Ian now has, Aiden remains completely innocent. Due to a sad turn of events, the boys are forced to work together with some of Ian's "clients." This, of course, changes everything, and not for the better.

By the middle of this story, I was really feeling the emotional pull of what these boys were now going through. The ending is just heartbreaking and not what I had guessed would happen. I really hope there is more to this story and that we get to see the boys again, most especially Ian.