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Quinn's Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) - S.J.D. Peterson 3.5 stars. I really disliked Quinn after the first book. I'm still not a huge fan after this book for many reasons, though he has made vast improvements.

The one thing I dislike about these is that the various issues seem to be way more drawn out than they need to be. I find myself begging for things to just move on.

Jess broke my heart, even if I disagreed with the way he treated Lorcan. Lorcan wants it all and doesn't or is unable to give up any of it. Drives me a little nuts that he continues to be like this. Thankfully, near the end, he seems to have made a decision.

By far, the scenes with Quinn and Ty were the hottest part of this book. I so badly wanted more of them, especially once Quinn started to take the dom/sub thing more seriously. Ty is such a tortured soul, and I felt horrible for him. I'm totally psyched that his book is next.