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Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore, #3) - K.A. Mitchell 3.5 stars. I really like this series, and I was really into these two guys when this started out. They are both loaded with issues that cause them to each close themselves off from feelings or any chance of having a close relationship with anyone. Gavin has learned to live in the background primarily due to his familial background where money can buy and fix everything.

They rely on sarcasm and witty responses, that make for some fun banter, which I always love. They also each fall back on sex as their weapon/defense of choice. Both agree, though somewhat reluctantly on each part here and there, that they will continue with the sex since they are so good at it. So, what you get is a lot of good hot sex with an extra dose of smexy kissing, but not much else in the way of relationship development. Nature runs its course, however, as they each, seemingly unintentionally, chip away at the other's barriers and come to accept that they actually feel more for each other. Unfortunately, by the time they both come to a reasonable acceptance of this, the story abruptly ends.

There were a few side character/storylines that just had me shaking my head. Gavin's family, for one. He has an almost 50 year old stepmother about to have a baby for which he has an extreme overprotective affinity; his sister is selfish and cold, not the least of which is shown through her treatment of her sweet dog; and then there are Gavin's sex orgy/partying, partner swapping rich friends, as well as the total waste that is Beach. We get to see a little of Quinn and Eli, Kellen and Nate, but they are surrounded by the strange issue involving Eli's friend, Silver.

So, all in all, I enjoyed a lot of this story, but there were many things about it that left me disappointed, not the least of which was the ending, which felt totally rushed and ended at 90%.