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The Art of Touch - Dominique Frost Review written for Hearts On Fire Reviews

This story turned out to be quite different than I expected. It’s about Jared Hamilton, the overworked, stressed out partner in his and his uncle’s law firm. He is one cranky, mean son-of-a-gun to just about everyone with which he comes into contact. His secretary, Vanessa, who is a fabulous little spitfire, makes a massage appointment for him to help relieve his stress and generally try to make him more bearable to be around. Queue Kyle Washburn, spunky, twinky, magical masseuse extraordinaire. Kyle is funny and cute, and after his first vividly descriptive massage session with Jared, I wanted to book my own session ASAP. I could feel the tension leaving Jared with every word.

Of course, Jared is miserable towards Kyle almost the entire time, but I absolutely loved how Kyle didn’t back down or take any of Jared’s insults, but rather, he turned the tables right back on Jared and gave as good as he got.

There are some light moments of sadness concerning Kyle’s mom, but there isn’t too much detail, and the story moves on fairly quickly from that. This is the point in the story where we begin to see a different side to Jared. Fortunately, Kyle sees it too and decides to continue their friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed Kyle’s humor. He is extremely easy going and fun-loving and exactly what Jared needed in a friend/partner. These guys take things pretty slow, though more from a lack of communication than any real conscious effort, but it works quite well and makes for some steamy scenes later on. There is an age difference (Kyle's 20 to Jared's 35), but it isn't every very noticable and seems to work with them.

I was a little disappointed in the ending in that it seemed to just end, almost like the author ran out of time, but maybe that’s just my wishing there was more to their story. If you enjoy a fast, easy and fun read, give this one a try.