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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Jett - Patricia Logan Unfortunately, this story had everything I disliked about book 1 at some point throughout, which was a bit disappointing. It also calls a few more stereotypes into play. Same type of scenario applies. Young kid, barely legal, is taken in by Domz.com. Fortunately, it does change his life for the better, though he doesn't seem to really have any other options. Master Terrance ends up taking over Jett's training as a result of Jett's unease with white guys. Jett was very ghetto pretty much until he starts working with Terrance. Things seem to end pretty well for them as Terrance gives a bit more commitment to Jett's training.

I was happy to see Trick again, but the poor boy is so worried about Phoenix training the new boy it about broke my heart. Phoenix is clueless. Not once does it occur to him that Trick needs or wants more from him. They remain HFN.

The writing in these is smooth, and other than the bad or cheesy BSDM talk or actions, I found I was riveted enough to continue on.

The next story set up seems a bit different with Kaden not coming to Domz.com as a damaged individual, so I'm hoping for improvement in that installment.

As a side note, this ended at 83%.