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The Vampire Contract - R.J. Scott 3.5 stars for this opening book to a new series. I always enjoy when a book takes on a new take of things and this one had that feel. There are a few things going on in this story, with the Retrievers and their council, the Vamps and their council, as well as the mystery of who killed Ethan.

From the beginning, I had a little trouble with the names. I'm not sure if it was because I just could not picture Micah being a vampire or what, but I kept getting confused as to which was which. This pretty much carried on throughout the story, but again, I think that was more my problem than anything else.

I really liked Conner's character, though I thought the mating thing happened a little too casually. It felt a little odd for Micah to be the dominant one, but I liked them together, even though there seemed to be a spark missing here and there. Perhaps I'll have a better feel for the characters as I get further into this story in future books.

One thing that also bugged me were the little questions that kept coming up but were never answered, such as Conner wanting to know about Micah being short, since vampires were always tall. Not extremely relevant to the story perhaps, but still an unanswered question about Micah's background maybe.

And, since this story seemed to end just when it was really getting going, I'm hoping to find out more in the next segment.