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Fog: A Novel of Desire and Reprisal - Jeff Mann This is very well written and wonderfully descriptive story. Some parts were a bit brutal, some were sad, and some were sweet. There were some ackkk, ewwww, and awwww moments throughout. Trying to understand the mentality of Jay and Al, and after a while, Rob, was difficult. I found Al to be a total contradiction. He's a mountain man, backwoods sort of fellow, yet he is very well educated, with a college degree who loves, can quote, and seemingly understands poetry. He is sadistic and brutal at times, yet loving and caring at others. I had a great time trying to figure out which way this story was going to go. What would happen when Jay came back? Would he and Al have a go at Rob together? Would Al stick to the pact? Would Rob? My mind was always one step ahead trying to answer these questions. There is a time gap near the end that I wish was more detailed, but, other than that, I really enjoyed this book.