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Plugs (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book One) - Sean Michael I'm really not sure why I am so eager to read anything by Sean Michael, but alas, I cannot seem to resist. This one seemed promising, but I was, once again, a bit disappointed with the same old, same old.

Blake and Archer have been together for over a year. They are lovers, friends, sub and dom. But, apparently, Archer has never actually penetrated Blake in all this time. I loved that they seemed to have a nice long buld up to their relationship before it went to the next level. Come to think of it, I actually really liked the storyline here. Archer does drag it out far too long before it actually happens, making Blake take punishments and plugs of various sizes before he actually gives Blake what he needs/wants.

However, what drove me nuts, was the constant "little boy" endearments and monosyllabic dialog that seems to have become the staple for bdsm stories. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking on my part, or perhaps I just need to concede that this is just how things are. Either way, I will not give up hope and continue with the next installment.