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The Current Between Us
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Let It Go - Mercy Celeste Wow, what a ride. I started out thinking I had a pretty good idea of where this story was going. Boy was I wrong and totally blindsided, over and over again. I will admit to not totally understanding the whole fist fighting business happening every time they saw each other over the years, even after I had an explanation.

Aside from that, this was one gutwrenching story. My heart just broke over and over the more I learned about Eli, and especially Creed's, lives. Eli was physically abused. Creed went from one bad situation to the next, including rape and abuse, hustling, etc. All of this begins before the boys are even teens. So, if you are unable to read about this kind of stuff, turn away now.

Eli seems like such a total jerk about things, but when you get beneath the surface, he really shines. And, Creed, poor Creed. I just fell right in love with him.

I won't say any more about the actual story other than I am really happy things ended the way they did, or I would need some serious uppers. Once I made it to the halfway point where the "OMG moments" were happening with greater frequency, I simply could not put this book down.