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Once a Brat - Kim Dare Very cute story. Bret is a bit of a brat, but in such a way that you just want to pinch his cheeks. He is new to the scene, doesn't just bow down to other doms because that's what he should do. He only cares about Marcus becoming his dom, and Marcus is the only one he is worried about behaving somewhat properly in front of. At the same time, he tries really hard to come to his own realizations and understandings about his submission and what is important for him to achieve. He accomplishes this almost entirely on his own.

I liked seeing him struggle with the easy way of talking too much and the giving in and doing what would please Marcus. He sets his sights on Marcus right away and pretty much just hangs around observing and learning everything he can about him (ok, maybe he is stalking a teensy bit), just biding his time until Marcus will play with him.

Marcus, on the other hand, is a solid character, who wants to uphold his reputation as a good dom. He continually tries to be responsible with Bret, and I enjoyed watching Bret get to him a little at a time. Bret grows on him, just as he grew on my. I really wouldn't mind seeing these two again.