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An Unnatural Worth - Mya I loved this story. Just about read it straight through, but sleep won out. This is a pretty fast-paced book with interesting characters. Bryce is the big sexy werewolf who, along with his friend Cheetah, an alchemist, break out of a research facility where they were being experimented on, taking the blind vampire, Lexis, with them.

Bryce takes it upon himself to look after Lex and to help acclimate him to freedom being blind. Unfortunately, Cheetah parts ways and heads off in another direction, and we don't really see him again.

Bryce and Lex are great together. Bryce helps Lex, albeit against Lex's wishes, to get back at the coven who betrayed him and took his sight.

My only real problem and reason for shorting this the 5 stars was that the story felt rushed at times and I felt like information was being withheld. I would have liked to see a bit more of their time before the breakout, and maybe some more details about the individual characters. I would love to see these guys again in a sequel, perhaps one about Cheetah!