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The Current Between Us
Kindle Alexander
Hearts Under Fire - Kelly Wyre, H.J. Raine This story turned out to be much different than what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. Two hot alpha doms that have the hots for each other but realize that, despite their intense attraction, they wouldn't be right together for that reason. Daniel sees something else in Clark though, that maybe he really isn't quite the dom he thinks he is. Both guys carry some heavy baggage, though Clark is the more damaged of the two, suffering pretty badly from PTSD. They fall in love and turn out to be just what each other needs. The sex is very sweet when it first happens.

I loved seeing Daniel help Clark through his issues. However, once they let the walls down a bit, things happen very quickly, and I am just not a fan of insta love. The other issue I had was that these guys cried an awful lot, and I just didn't feel it was necessary to show their vulnerability.

I am excited there are more stories about these guys, as I really want to see how their relationship is progressing.