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The Current Between Us
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Equation For Love - Fae Sutherland I really liked the idea of this story. Nerdy guy is so busy with school and more school, hires a pro to help get him up to speed sexually. Skye is very cute as he learns new things about himself and sex. Liam is super sexy. He determines that Skye is submissive and decides he is the man to show Skye that side of things. The lessons were my favorite part of the story.

The things that drove me a little nuts. First was the POV changes. It was hard to keep track of who was doing the talking. I often had to backtrack or read ahead to figure it out. Next, Liam decided to call Skye "my own" as an endearment. At first, I just thought it was a little odd, but then it was used so often that it quickly turned cheesy. Third was the insta love which happens after week 1 of the month long agreement. Just too fast, and it was continually brought up.

That said, it was a cute story. I wouldn't mind reading about these guys after they've been together a bit, maybe see how their relationship and kinks have progressed.